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The Collector + Living Dead Girl / Controversial Book Review

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Hope you had a wonderful weekend, mine wasn't bad at all, finally my bookshelf is looking as I wanted, so probably next week I'm going to be able to make a room tour, hopefully.
But today I have for you two reviews. Usually I prefer to talk about a single book, but from time to time I do some wrap ups, and since both books talk about the same theme, I prefer to do the review of both, and move on because they freaked me out, seriously!

The Collector by John Fowles
Follows the story of a lonely and kind of weird man in his 20's, Frederick Clegg, who used to work in the city hall, and collected butterflies, One lucky day he won a lottery or something like that, and he doesn't know what to do with his money, at first, then he decided that he's going to make Miranda, the girl for he had a crush to fall in love with him.
Miranda Grey is an art student who has her own problems, and never noticed Frederick until it's too late...

 I heard and read a lot of great comments about the book, how disturbing and well done it was. To be honest the book wasn'g as good as I expected, and here is why.
Usually I really enjoy when a book is narrated from different point of views, but this time that was precisely my problem.
The first part is from Frederick's point of view, and while is absolutely disturbing to read about his ovsession and plans, it was at the same time fascinating, it kept me on edge, expecting the worst, and then reading how he justify himself, how the situation deteriorate even more. I just simply couldn't put it down until we get to the second part...
The Second part is from Miranda's point of view, and while I really enjoy when authors use diaries to share a different perspective, reading about Miranda, was terribly wrong. And you may think poor girl, the victim, the abducted girl, who was an art student, so talented with a bright future, but when you start reading her thought, Oh Dear Lord! what a boring moment, what a terrible human being I must be because I simply can't stand Miranda Grey. Talking about how she doens't care about social classes, or money, but refering to her parents as "suburban minds" or to "Caliban" (her abducter) who doesn't care about art, who had a "closed middle class mind" and how disgusted she was for that.
I mean seriously? probably she was trying to hide in her own world to be strong, but that only made her more and more annoying. On and on talking about how fascinating was her teacher,and how he changed her life for be a judgemental prick
The second part goes ahead on the story, so of course it kind of ruin the third part, when Frederick is once more narrating what happened, and since you already kind of know what is going to happen, I found myself not enjoying it as much as I did with the first part.
Still I must say that the ending was perfectly disturbing and really well done, and what enjoyed the most was the psychological game the author made with this book, because in some moments instead of identify yourself with the victim, you kind of understand more the bad guy, and kind of feel sorry for him.

Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

This book follows the story of Alice a girl who was abducted by a man called Ray when she was almost ten. Since the first day, she had to quit to her identity and become Alice, Ray's little girl, and pleased him whatever he wanted.
When she turned 15, Ray decided that he wanted a new girl, and Alice decided to help him, whatever it takes to be free...

I finished the book on Friday night, and since then it's been haunting me, it was cruel to the extreme, it was rude, it was violent it was terribly wrong in so many levels. 
I'm not going to judge Elizabeth Scott capacity of writing, the book is short and it could be an easy read for the fact that it was so freaking disturbing.
I didn't like the violence, I didn't like the suffering Alice had to endure.
Is a good book? it is, but I wouldn't recommended to anyone, especially since it could be triggering, there's not one or twice but endless rape moments, it was so descriptic that there are moments that I wanted to stop reading and throw up, especially if you stop and think that this can be a reality, there are a lot of cases on tv, and you keep wondering how people can be so damn evil and twisted.

Both books talk about abducting a girl, threat her like a slave in so many ways, privated them from their freedom, their identity, while in the first one, we can say Frederick wasn't that bad because he never raped Miranda, he was planning to do it with his next victim, and it was a rape in some many ways because he invaded her personal life by force.
The second one was much more worst. The descriptions were so crude, so raw that it seriously would haunt you down, and give you nightmares for a long long time.

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