Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Saddest Deaths of Game of Thrones

The first thing I was told when I started to read and watch the saga A Song of Ice and Fire was Never get too attachet to a character because probably is going to die soon.
Still, I couldn't help loving some characters that are no longer part of the story, but they are going to be forever in my heart, so here they are,the saddest deaths of Game of Thrones.

4. Shireen: we don't have the oportunity to know or see this character develope, but what we saw of her made us love her, she has a big heart and was a very nice girl. Her death was the most upsetting of all, because it was her own father who ordered it.

On the same place I have to add Ser Barristan death, I mean this poor old man died with honor, I give you that, still, it was sad, so so sad.

3. Ygritte: "You know nothing Jon Snow" is going to be one of the most remembered quotes of the show and books, Jon and Ygritte was one of the most loved couples and it was seriously sad when he had to leave her and then her death was so so sad.

2. Robb Stark: probably some would say that he got what he deserved for being so silly, still, it broke my heart because I loved him so much.

1.Eddard Stark: this one is going to be forever and ever the saddest death of all, specially because his daughters had to be witnesses of it. I didn't care for Sansa since it was her fault, even when she was technically a girl, I'm always going to blame her for that, but Arya broke my heart!

For you, what are the saddest deaths of GOT?

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