Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 - Home / Review (video)

Hi Everyone!
Here I am again after an exciting episode of Game of Thrones, I was thinking on posting on Mondays, but between the filming, editing, and uploading, that's kind of chaotic, but Tuesday are calmer or at least I can work with less pressure.
Also the fact that on my previous post I only mentioned how exciting it was and let all the juicy details for the video is not my kind of thing, when you read the word review, well it's pretty obvious that there are going to be spoilers so let this be a warning, if you don't want to be spoiled stop reading right now, but if you want to share opinions or like me, needs to vent all the emotions the episode produced on you, well this is your place.
So let's review Home

I'm going to start with the less exciting parts, I mean, first and for all, the Iron people are not my favorites, I still trying to figure it out why they are important on the big scheme of the show, but we have one of the parts that were cut out of season 4 probably since it was part of book 4, that's the only thing I'm going to say about it.
I love Arya, she's one of my favorite characters, but her part was pretty short and nothing exciting, we saw againt the Waif kick her ass pretty bad, and then Jaquen came and asked her name, she obviously continue saying that the girl has no name, which made Jaquen reconsider her position, and asked her to follow him. For the trailer of episode 3 we can see that Arya starts her training in a more serious way, she's going to be so badass after it! I'm sure of it!
I must confess that I was expecting more of Jaime Lannister, but he was kind of intimidating by the High Sparrow and his comment of "we are nothing but together we can bring down empires"
And now to my favorite parts:
First, Bran, we finally saw Bran after his big ausence on season 5, Bran is back, with his training with the Three Eyed Raven, and OMG! he's going not only to the body of animals, but to the past! and what a freaking moment, after 5 books, 5 seasons, we finally see Lyanna Stark alive, as a little girl of course, but the events are develope in a way that is freaking me out seriously! but more of that in a moment.
Tyrion Lannister goes to see the dragons and free them from the chains, my freaking heart! I almost die in that part and big time! The first time he saw the dragons this close, the first time the dragons saw him, and one of them let him pet him! 
And then Jon Snow, OMG! Jon Snow, the end of the episode was so freaking good!.
So here's the thing, there's this crazy theory about Tyrion being not a Lannister but a Targaryen. There's the story of Aegon the conquer going on and on and how he took Westeros with his two wifes who were also his sisters, the three of them riding their dragons. So the theory goes that Daenerys is like Aegon, and that two are going to ride with her.
The theory is that one of them is Jon and the other Tyrion.
If things happen like that or not, time will tell, but I'm just going to say that the theory is not that crazy if you think about it, and then we have this episode, First time we saw Lyanna and in the same episode Jon is revived, and not only that, we saw Tyrion peting a dragon, and the crazy thing was that one of the dragons was kind of agresive like don't shit with me kind of attitude, but the other came with the head down, looking, just looking, like studying Tyrion, feeling something maybe? and that's the one that let him pet him?
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this review or if you prefer you can check the video too!

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