Monday, May 16, 2016

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 Book of the Stranger / Review (video)

Hi Everyone! 
Last week was just crazy and great at the same time, I had a little adventure, but I'm going to share more about that later on the week. For Today lets talk about Book of the Stranger, episode 4 of season six of Game of Thrones because it was so freaking good!!!

After the little disappointment of Oathbreaker, I wasn't so sure what to expect, I mean I was so worry for Sansa and with Jon leaving the nightwatchers I was on the edge, but Book of the Stranger was really such a great episode.

The not so good parts:
 In Winterfell Ramsay is still alive, and I'm still hating him so much, but now more than ever because the son of his awful mom kill Osha, for Christ sake, Osha was badass and he killed her! damn him for eternity!

Little Finger reappear on the show, not a fan of him, and not specially after he practically sold Sansa to the Boltons, he saw him as usual manipulating and showing what he's capable of.

On Meeren Tyrion is trying to get on an arrangement witht he masters, Grey Worm finally showed a little bit of emotion and Missandei proved to be not so dumb as the previous episode, which was so freaking great because I really like these characters.

And now to the mind blowing moments:

Jon was packaging for leaving the Wall and boom! the horn sounds and the gates are open and we saw the trio entering the place, the encounter between Sansa and Jon made me cry a little bit, it was so good to see Sansa more mature, and have a little moment of happiness after all the suffering this poor girl had to endure, I don't know how long would it last but it was so good to see her safe and warm and loved.

Brienne is such a heartbreaker, because the instant Thormund set eyes on her, she took his heart! LOL

And finally to the best trackers in world, Jorah and Daario, they finally find Daenerys, and OMG such a great entrance they made, but what blew me away was Daenerys plan.
Do I have to say that after I was a little bit annoyed by her, she got back my admiration for her, burn the khals alive! all of them, mother of dragons! she didn't burn and she made all the dothrakies kneel in front of her, SO. FREAKING. AWESOME

In case you want to hear me rambling and talking in more detail of this episode, please check my video.

Hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did, and don't forget to check my blog on Thursday with lots of pretty pictures that I'm going to share with you from my last adventure!

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