Monday, May 9, 2016

Game of Thrones Season Six Episode 3 - Oathbreaker / Review (video)

Hi Everyone!
Another weekend and another review of Game of Thrones, and my oh my, I'm going to confess something, not a big fan of Oathbreaker!

I feel like there were so many upseting moments and a few that I could definitely live without on one single episode.

Let me start with two neutral moments. First we finally saw Arya getting a real change in her character, she finally accepted that she was no one and let behind Arya, which of course helped her to be more badass and fighting back, recovering her sight in the process.
I'm not a fan of Sam and Gilly moment, specially not after watch Sam throwing up twice in less than two minutes, the moment has a reason on the book, but here it was kind of boring.

To the annoying parts, the Lannister attitude, and I'm talking about the four of them in King's Landing, Tommen being a brat, silly and easily manitulated, Jaime and Cersei not showing who are the bosses, they are just like two silly childs following Tommen's steps but the worst was Kevan with his "If we can't make you leave, we are going" and leaving the room as a kid making a tantrum, so stupid!

Two more annoying moments involving Daenerys one in which she just theats the widows telling them that she's going to have their heads for Christ sake, as if she can do anything without her dragons or he unsullied. And the second consequences of her acts because we discover who are behind the Sons of Harpy, of course the masters from Yunkai, Astapor and Volantis, so the breaker of chains is getting everything back, she tried to help the slaves but they don't want her.

I'm not going to talk farther about Tyrion, Misandei and Grey Worm, but that was just so silly.

And finally, Rickon Stark being handed to Ramsay Bolton, for real? I mean isn't Ramsay made so much damage already?
And Shaggydog is dead, dead!!!!

If something was worthy in this episode apart from Arya's part was definetely Bran flashback to the past in which we discover what really happen between Eddard and Arthur Dayne, who wasn't in the Battle of the Trident, and we almost discover what really happened with Lyanna, but of course it was too good to be reveal on the third episode, so probably we're going to see it later on the season, or we'll never know, who knows!

Jon Snow finally hanging the traitors, Ser Allister last words were so good, and then Jon saying that his watch is ended OMG that left me with a WTF face! for real!

So like I said, not a big fan of Oathbreaker, but still, it was good because it's Game of thrones, what could I say.

I made a video review per susual, and in there I rant more about the episode, so you can check it out.

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