Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Girl On The Train / Book Review

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The girl on the train has been on my radar since last year, of course I was curious for the all the hype the book had, so here's my review of it.

The Girl On The Trian by Paula Hawkins
Rachel, a drunk woman, takes the same train daily, she imagine the life of the people who live at the edge of the trail, specially a couple who are her favorite people, even when she knows nothing about them.
She's obsesses with her ex-husband and from time to time she even stalk him.
One day Rachel wakes up bruised and in pain, she remembers nothing about what happened and when the news that the woman of her favorite couple went missing, Rachel fears she had something to do with it.

The book was predictable and in some parts really annoying. I didn't like the characters and the only twist on the story was the marital abuse. It's pretty clear since the beginning who is the killer.

And the fact that the main character was so weak and at parts kind of disgusting seriously put me down, I mean, I don't expect flawless characters, but for Christ sake, can the lady at least clean her mess? Or get the memo to move on? Her husband left her, for someone younger, why, and I mean WHY she continue mourning for him? Why she's wasting her life with alcohol when she had a very promising future? I don't get it.
I gave the book:

In my opinion is overhype, and not so good as people described, hate comparitions and the fact that people continue making the conection between gone girl and this one just pisses me off, nothing to do one with the other.

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