Friday, June 24, 2016

All the light we cannot see / Book Review

All the light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr
The book follows the life of two main characters, Marie-Laure, who  she went blind when she was 6 years old, coincidently after hearing the story of a very rare diamond called the sea of flames. She lives with her father in Paris, where he works for the museum of natural history in charge of the locks and keys.
When Marie goes blind he made a scale model of their neighborhood to help her be independent and find her way home.
When she turned twelve, the Nazis occupy Paris, and Daniel Leblanc, Marie’s father is send on a mission for the museum. They go walking to a city trying to find an old friend of the museum, but when they arrive the house was burned, so they walk to Saint-Malo, where Etienne Leblanc, Marie’s great uncle lives.
He’s such a character. Traumatized for the war before, he rarely leaves his bedroom let alone the house, he didn’t set foot outside the house for 20 years.

On the other hand we have Werner, who grows up in a children’s house with his sister. He’s very intelligent and autodidact, he knows that he doesn’t have any future but work on the mines as his father did. But his reputation to fix radios gave him a way out ticked, he fix the radio of an important officer and he fix everything to send him to the academy for Hitler Youth.
Every day he tries to prove himself, to do his best, even when he not always believe in what they were doing. His sister Jutta, two years younger told him once that things were not ok, that they were killing people just because and that was wrong.
Destiny would bring him to Saint-Malo too.

The story is heartbreaking, I found myself hoping for a happy ending in which Marie and Werner probably would marry each other and be happy, but I must remind myself that this was a WW2 story, so the chances were against them.
The characters were so interesting and rich, for one side we have the wonderful father that Daniel Leblanc was, doing these detailed scale models to help his daughter to be independent no matter what, he knew that she was going to be something big, and never made her feel less for be blind, he gave her the best presents he could afford and that was just beautiful.
We have Etienne, who even when he was afraid of so many things, he overcome his fears for his love for Marie.
Madam Manec, who besides her age, she was a fighter and had the biggest heart ever.
Jutta who could see the true, accepted her situation but not for that believed or justified what her compatriots did, she was a free thinker and a humanist.
Volkheimer who was a giant with the biggest heart who only did what they ordered to do because that was what was expected of him
Marie who no matter her situation, she decided to overcome her fears too and kept fighting. 
And Werner, oh sweet Werner, I loved him so much, because he was just a boy with so many dreams, who only wanted to learn and be in peace, but who even when he saw the worst of the war and human kind, he did the best he could, and tried to be the best human being he could.

I gave this book 5 stars, it was just beautiful written and the details and warm that emanated from the pages just make you love it.

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