Monday, June 20, 2016

Tajin Part 2 / Little Trips

Hello Everybody! Finally I’m back (to health and everything), after spending a couple of days practically in bed and then trying to catch up with work since the end of term is here, this week the kids start the exams period and that’s it, another school year is done. To be honest I’m very proud of the kids from my class, I’m going to cherish the memories they’re leaving me, all of them positive.
This is the second part of the pictures I took from our little trip to Tajin, like I mentioned before I tried not to post pictures of my students for respect to them.
Tajin is in the middle of the jungle, so of course the vegetation surrounding the place was breath taking, we have the opportunity to see one of the trees from where the natives extracted a kind of resin, also the vanilla tree! I love the smell of the vanilla!

And they made a representation of how the houses were, which was a very interesting to see.

It was amazing to see that this little plant would be as tall as this tree

 This is the Vanilla plant, when of course is just a tiny little thing

 The vanilla flower
 and then the dark part is the one most people know, the smell of the sticks are amazing!

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