Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Furry Friend Tag

With the end of the school year here, working on a school can be chaotic, but I'm still alive, with my summer schedule, and finally making the time to post on the little old blog, and what I have for you today, well a simple tag, but I decided to make it in a different way.

The questions: 

1. What is your animal’s name? (It is a funny tag questions)
2. What type of furry friend is it and what breed?
3. How long have you had your furry friend?
4. How did you receive your furry friend?
5. How old is the furry friend?
6. What are some quirky aspects of your furry friend personality?
7. What does your connection with your furry friend imply to you?
8. What are your favorite past times with your furry friend?
9. What are some of your furry friend nicknames?
and my answers!

Well, have a nice week!

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