Friday, August 26, 2016

The Lovegrove Legacy / Book Review

A year and a half passed to finally got in my hands the conclussion of The Lovegrove Legacy by Alyxandra Harvey. What started as a trilogy, sadly ended as a duology and a companion novellete thanks to the lack of interest of the publishers.
I read A Breath of Frost and Whisper the Dead at the begining of 2015 and the story cautivated me since the beginning. I felt in love with Cormac and Tobias and Ewan, and certainly envied in some level the powers of the cousins. The ability of Emma to control the weather, not so much her antlers which giving a second thought would be kind of interesting; Gretchen's which even as painful as it was made her the perfect spell caster and there was no competition to her in potions. Not forgeting Penelope's ability so touch an object and see the story behind, even when sometimes that brought pain to her, even momentarily.
When I started to follow Alyxandra on Twitter, my first question to her was the date release of book 3, sadly she told me that I should ask to the publishers because she did not have the information, so of course I wrote and email to the publishers to ask and their response was not offensive, it was really polite in fact, but seriously bothered me for the fact that they said they didn't have a deal for the third book and recommended me the book of another author! for Christ sake, that seriously pissed me off, because if a person is asking for some particular author and you have not a possitive author the least you can do is recommend another book from the same author, not shamefully promote someone else!
Anyway, to make the story short, people continue to asking Alyxandra, showing their soport (me included) and finally a few months ago she announcet that she would write a novellete to finish the story, just for the fans, keeping in mind that it would be not perfect but hopping to satisfy the ones who were asking for it.

The novellete called In a House made of Bones and Teeth (only available in ebook version) came to give peace of mind to those of us who were waiting patiently (and not so patiently) to know what happened after that crazy ending of Whisper the Dead! because seriously it was so so so good! 
The story which should had been from the point of view of Penelope, and sadly didn't make it to a full novel, was great, with all the imperfections and the lenght, it was a good ending, it tells what happened after and gives you a smile in the last words.
I reread the previouse books just to prepare myself for the novellete and enter once more the world of the Lovegrove girls, and should I say it? I think I loved the books even more!
Which take me to my last comment, sometimes we complain about how unreachable authors can be, how some deny an authograph or left unfinished a story just because the publishers don't want to make a deal, here I stand up and give a big applause to Alyxandra who said screw the publishers, I'm doing this for the fans who really appreciate my job, who love my stories and want more of them! because not all the authors would act and do the same.

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