Friday, October 28, 2016

10 Reasons why I hated Harry Potter and the Cursed Child / Book Talk

This is a phrase that I never thought I was going to write, but here I am, I hated Harry Potter and the Cursed Child so much that my heart broke in tiny little pieces for a week before I was able to talk about it.
If you continue reading till this point, don’t worry, I’m not going to spoil the plot of the play for you, I’m going to try to give my reasons without give away major plot that could ruin your experience while reading it, if you didn’t read it already.

1.The annoying child of a beloved character: it was so irritating to read about this child, to read about complaints and traumas in not a good way, nothing positive about it, only stupidity and be pathetic for no reason.
2.Two 14 year olds overpowering one of the most brilliant minds: when I read how easily they got an answer for something that should be almost impossible I almost scream throw my poor Ipad away, thank goodness I remember it was my Ipad and not the physical book.
3.The most ridiculous evil character: OMG I don’t know where to start with this, but certainly after Voldemort or even Umbridge, the main evil of the story was so lame and stupid that I wanted to tore in pieces the book once it arrived.
4.The irresponsible procreation of a child by a 70yo man and a 46yo woman: this, just think about it, how was that possible, I mean I know how, but honestly? That would explain the stupidity from the previous point.
5.The impossible quest in which two 14yo boys travel to the past change the future: how that was even possible without anyone stopping them, changing things from one situation to another, surrounded by powerful wizards, by the greatest wizard of all times, and they getting away with their plan without being caught…no words for that.
6.A crazy character that transform in something like a monster: don’t get me started with this part, wish I could at least it was ridiculous hilarious but it was so terrible to read about it that it wasn’t funny at all, it was lame and so unnecessary.
7.The transformation of one beloved character to something “Funny”: the attempt to turn this character in something funny was to terrible that you feel sorry for it, it wasn’t funny at all, and it was a shame because that character was the one who had the best remarks on the books, was clever and was interesting, not anymore.
8.The ridiculous attempts of touching moments: there were three in particular that seriously upset me, they used them obviously to engage us with the story, but didn’t work well.
9.The unbelievable change of one character who was kind and nice to a death eater only because that character was humiliated:  I mean, for real? You go to the dark side just for that?
10.The use of corny ridiculous phrases in character who used to be more spark: OMG I was in shock when that well loved character from the books said “If we lose him, I will never forgive you” or something on the line, it was just…NO!, that character would do something completely different because that character had a strong will, and on this play was a non-present, no-personality-at-all figure.

There you go, 10 reasons why I hated this scrip so much, sadly even when it has J.K. Rowling name, there’s no J.K Rowling on it.

If you don’t mind about spoilers and want to know more about the reasons why I was so frustrated with the play, you can watch the video a made talking about it.

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