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Miss Peregrine Home For Peculiar Children / Movie Review

So I did it, I wanted to see it with my own eyes before judging. I was upset by the trailer to the point in which I wrote a post about Authors Compromising Their Work
Of course I had to watch the movie to have all the facts, and I’m going to say it, even when the general opinion is that the movie is the best Tim Burton made in 20 years, even when everyone says  “it’s different from the book but so amazing!”
Was it really? Well, let me tell you this, FIASCO  was the first word that comes to my mind when I think in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, even more, I could say WTF Ransom Riggs? And, the best movie in 20 years? Are freaking kidding me? Ok, ok, ok, let me start for the beginning.
The story follows Jake, a boy who grew up listening to the stories his grandpa told him about the orphanage he was taking after he lost his family. The place was like anything you can imagine since it was packed with peculiar children, all of them with a special kind of power who made them different from other kids. Emma who could produce fire with her hands, Brownny who was so strong that could carry big rocks in her arms, Olive who was so light that had to wear special shoes or she would fly away. There was an invisible boy, and one who expulse bees from his mouth.
All of them under the care of Miss Peregrine, the most peculiar of them, since she was an Ybrine, she could turn herself in bird and controlled time, she created loops so one day in particular repeated itself over and over, and that way the children lived the same day for thousands of days, they didn’t grow up, and they were safe, because as all the stories, there were bad people who wanted to hurt them, who wanted to rule, who wanted to destroy.
When Jacob’s grandfather is brutally murdered, the kid was in such a state mix depression and fear, that his psychologist suggested that a trip to the Island where the orphanage was would be therapeutic.
The trip obviously would start a series of adventures in which Jacob would discover that all the stories his grandpa told him were actual memories and not inventions of him.

So why I didn’t like the movie you may ask? Well, where should I start?

I’m going to start with the cast, while I think Eva Green did a decent job, and Samuel L. Jackson was great, and Judy Dench was marvelous in her small role, the main characters, were so wrong.

Jacob  (Asa Butterfield) was the plainest character in history, while in the book you can feel and understand Jacob’s pain and sadness for the loss of his grandpa, that feeling was non-present on the movie, or at least the actor was unable to transmit any feeling at all, to the point that was so freaking boring to see him. And the picture below is the only emotion you are going to see of the kid in the whole movie!
Emma (Ella Purnell) was as boring as Jacob, where was the spark of this character? Oh right it was took away for give here air! And omg Jacob and Emma, it was like "let's take rufus for a walk" in this case a fly. 

And what about Tim Burton picking her in one of the main roles?

The rest of the kids were not so bad, but still I keep wondering how changing the characters and their powers was for the benefit of the story?

What gives the director the right to say, hey, your characters need to change so they can be great in the movie, to a best seller author?

I can’t figure someone telling J.K. Rowling “hey, you know what, Harry Potter need to be blond and without spectacles and the scar need to be smaller so he can look good on the big screen, and there’s no way a redhead can be the second main character of the trio, because redheads don’t look fine on the screen, we have to adjust a lot the colors”.
But if I was mad about those important facts, the ending was a piece of garbage that closed the opportunity to other movies, because the rescue Miss Peregrine and that was it! No more adventures as they had in Hollow City or Library of Souls which btw was the perfect ending for the trilogy, but we probably are not going to see that just because this stupid ending.
The instant love between Emma and Jacob was the cherry on top, for Christ sake, the boy left everything behind for a girl who met what? A day long?, are you freaking kidding me?

And how different the movie was, really? 

How about this?

What I learned with this movie? never, ever again expect something good from a book to movie adaptation, and how for see your name in the big screen, authors really sell their souls!.

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