Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Body Finder Quartet Part 1 / Book Review

When I read the title it was like a promise, I thought maybe it was going to be a thriller, so I decided to give it a try. 
The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting was Not an adult thriller, but a young adult thriller, which of course involve some of the typical clichés of the genre.
The story follows Violet Ambrose, your typical teenager who doesn’t feel beautiful, but knows herself not ugly. The best friend who in the last year or so turns into a  hottie, and of course our main protagonist having feelings for him and vice verse, even when they try to hide it.
Typical teenage dramas about how he notices, or doesn’t, she giggling for everything for no reason, just giggle and giggle and giggle, to the point that I wonder jeez, there must be something wrong with her beside her ability.
And talking about the ability, which is the main point of the book, and the only fact that made the book tolerable, Violet has the ability to find bodies. She perceives what she calls Echoes, they can be a melody, a smell, a noise, a light around the body, they came in different form and of course when she less expect them. But once she pick an echo, she can’t stop herself until she finds the body.
It started since she was a little girl, and started to find little dead animals in the forest, her family also made a little cemetery for all those little bodies. But is not only that, she early noticed that the echo not only was attached to the body, but to the killer too, when her cat, a natural hunter came inside the house with the echoes of his victims.
Her ability of course is going to be a curse and a blessing, because she was going to try to used for good, putting herself in a risky situation.
So the first book was –beside the obvious teenage clichés- an interesting reading, the idea in general was catching, until we get to the second book, Desires of the Dead

We have Violet once more finding the body of another girl, but here the things went in a wrong direction, at least for me. What it could be a simple interesting read, becomes ridiculous when a secret, special agency gets involve. An agency in which other kids with special abilities are working with the police and the fbi to find and solve murders.
And if that wasn’t enough, everything start to point in a love triangle direction, which became more obvious at the beginning of book three, which btw I had to stop reading, and I’m still not sure if I’m going to finish it any time soon.

I gave each books 3 stars, they were ok books, nothing special, nothing that I would recommend, and of course disappointing.

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