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The Giver Quarted / Book Review

Where I heard for the first time about The Giver is hard to recall, but let me tell you just this, I was curious without knowing why. It's not like I had a general idea about the theme of the book, to be honest, I think the only major remark that i remember is that there was going to be a movie soon, movie that in those weird occassions, I didn't see before than reading the book.

I found the book in one of those department stores in my old city (Sunny Hell) and forgot about it. Then when I was searching for pretty books to add on my bookdepository wish list, I found out that it was not only a single book, but a quartet. I was planning on buy the pretty edition in which the four books came in hardcover, but destiny found another way, and that's the main reason of my mismatched quartet, but let me tell you a little bit about this gorgeous saga.

The first book, The Giver follows the story of Jonas, a twelve year old boy who life is about to change, mostly because at twelve, you’re assignment is announced, the assignments that would mark your future and value in the community.
The community is so different from others, there life is idyllic, there are no envy, or jealousy, no bad manners or gossip, if you have a fault you must ask forgiveness. There are no families as we know, birthmothers are designated to “produce” newchildren, who later, depending on their developments would be assigned to family units, which are matched perfectly according to their abilities and characters.
When the ceremony of the twelve came, Jonas received the biggest surprise, he’s not assigned, he is selected for something special, so special that only one person is in charge of it, The giver.
Gradually Jonas would start to question the sameness in the community and the lack of feelings.

The second book is Gathering blue here I must to clarify that the book is a companion to The Giver, not a continuation. This book follows the story of Kira, a girl who had just lost her mother and now her future is uncertain because in her community, those who are broken are not wanted, and must be left to die in the forest, and Kira, she’s broken, one of her legs is twisted and she can run or carry heavy things. She has only a friend, a poor boy (yes, poorer than Kira) who is beating constantly by his mother. He’s a trouble maker, still, Matty helps Kira whenever he can. Kira received a second chance after she was send to trial, she has a talent that not all of them know about it, a talent that maybe can save her life or cause her death.

Messenger  is in some way the continuation of Gathering Blue, and here we follow the story of Matty, after leaving the community. He lives with a man called Seer, and the community is so different from where Matty, Kira and Seer came from, here everyone helps each other, most of them are broken too. Matty had changed, he’s no more the mischievous little boy who used to steal and mistrust people. The life in the community changed him. He went to school, he made friends, and now he’s waiting for his true name to come. Leader soon is going to assign Matty’s new name, and the boy is wishing to be called messenger, since he’s the only one who can travel from the community to others. Forest is changing, same as the community. Selfishness, envy, jealousy are growing, and with it Forest is becoming more aggressive and dangerous.
The people want the community to be closed to newcomers and Matty knows that he must do one last journey or his friend Kira is going to be lost forever.

The last book is Son which follows the story of Claire. The book is divided in three parts, the first one took place in the same community as the Giver, since Claire was born there, and her designated job was to be a birth mother, but something goes wrong, and she’s removed from the charge and is placed to work in the hatchery. She feels like something must be wrong with her because she felt sadness, and a necessity to find out what happened with her baby.
After a terrible accident, Claire is rescue in another community, near the sea. Claire has no memories, they were taken by the sea, but with the help of an old lady things would come back, and she would do whatever it takes to find her son, even make an unimaginable sacrifice.

We have four different communities, the sameness and lack of color in the giver, the cruelty in gathering blue, the judgmental one near the sea in son and the selfless, warm and nice community that was in messenger and son.
Each one showing the best and worst of human kind, each showing how things can go wrong or go well, that’s up to us.
I loved every single detail in the books. I was wondering why gathering blue was just a companion and not continuation, but on book three and four I discovered why.
I really liked that the ending of the first three books were kind of open, not a conclusion or a happily ever after. And how all those stories come together in book four and we can have the perfect ending that I was wishing for.
The pace and writing was great, and each character was rich and beautiful in some way. From Jonas, who questions his world and own feelings, to Kira who only wanted to survive and still even when she has nothing, she loved little matt, who them became matty who was the kindest boy and very caring, to Claire who was a fighter no matter what.

Gave each book 5 stars, it was a delight to read this quarted, it was sad in a good way, beautiful and hopeful in so many others.

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