Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bedroom Details DIY edition

I'm not going to lie here, I love minimalist decor, but to be completely honest, that's something that wouldn't work with me...ever! I'm a hoarder, I love to have details everywhere I turn my eye. Still when I was planing this year makeover for the room, I came across with an amazing channel, Adam Atkins channel to be more precise, and Oh dear, I was so inspired by his diys, some of them so simple and beautiful, that I couldn't help it, I needed to add some of them to my life. 

This year for some reason I was feeling the Black and White vibe more strongly than other years, so most of the details in the room, or at least in this part of the room are in a monocromatic scheme.

The dream catcher was my own idea, I didn't follow any tutorial, I just let yarn guided me as it wanted to go. And the zebras' mirror, was just a recycle project, it has horrible colors, so I just gave it a coat of black paint.

From Adam, I followed three diys, giving them my personal touch of course. The first one was the abstract decor, which you can check in the video, in my case, I didn't have thinner sticks, so I used what I had, and to be honest I was happy with the result.

The string pieces were of course inspired by his stag one, but since I love wolves, I changed the stag image for the wolf howling to the moon, and the result was really great, if I say so. 

I love books, that's nothing new, but to be honest, there are moments in which I get so distress because the covers are so horrible that I decided to turn the spine on the previous arragement I did to my bookshelves.

 Adam's idea of using different papers as covers was great, and once more I decided to use a basic white paper, and handwrite the name of the books, that way would be easier to find the book I want. Still I need to work on the rest of the books, because I only covered 10 book of the 200 or so that I have, oh well, something to do on the weekend!

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  1. this is so gorgeous. love & love & love to all of your soft, beautiful decor - especially the idea of turning the spines of books around! so creative; i don't think i ever would have thought of it. thank you so much for sharing with us. <3

    topaz (six impossible things)


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