Thursday, November 24, 2016

New Fragrance

I must confess, I envy, totally envy people in general who have their signature scent, men, women, boys and girls, those who perfectly know and have a perfume or fragrance of their preference and stick with it for year and years.
I’m a changer, I can’t stand certain smells, even with the soap or shampoo, there are smells that give me headache, that are so strong or too sweet for my taste. I need to use simple smells on my shampoo, nothing exotic like those of Herbal Essence. I stick with Pantene because the smell is not too extravagant, it’s simpler.
You may say, why don’t you try something with citric, or a fresh fragrance? Well I tried and it worked for some time, but at the end, the result is the same, I don’t have a signature scent, after a few months I need to change. Actually I found myself using certain fragrance during spring-summer, and another one during fall-winter.
I tried so many different perfumes, from Shalimar, allure, true love, coco mademoiselle, DKYN, Polo, Viceversa, Hugo Boss, Dolce Gabbana, even the one of Paris Hilton.

The only one that has been in my top list for at least 5 years now is Miracle from Lancome, and that’s because I use it only on my birthday, some parties or during Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

So last weekend, mommy dearest and I went on the search of a new fragrance, I was ready to try something new, and this is the result.

I’m not sure I’m going to keep the Love Yourself because now that I started to use it, the smell is quite different from the first time I tried it, but I’m absolutely in love with Colors Pink. 

And as a bonus for buying the perfumes, I got this super cute snowflake necklace, with Swarovsky crystals, I'm going to be signing Let it Go quite a lot this Christmas!

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