Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Orphan Train / Book Review

When I started reading the book, I was immerse in the story of the poor immigrant Irish girl, her story turning more and more interesting with every page, from how she lost her family in a fire, and she was send away by the neighbors to an orphanage. The Orphan trains that took all the kids from the orphanage to transport them to the west of the country so they could be give away to families without knowing if they are going to treat them right or not. For our main protagonist it was even harder since she was a redhead and that color didn’t help very much, also didn’t help that she was pretty. 

We follow her from town to town, we saw her say goodbye to those little friends she made on the road, to start a new life with a new family, and then another one when the first one didn’t work. We are witness of her pain and struggles and of her happiness and moments of joy.
And then we have the second story, because the book tells two stories intertwined by destiny.
The second story, is about a teenage who has been on the foster system for a very long time, she’s going to have one last change before going to juvie and that last chance is Vivian, a rich old lady who turns out has more in comun with Molly that she thought at the beginning.

To be perfectly honest, the book could be perfect with Vivian’s story, the problem comes when Molly's story appears, it’s kind of boring and predictable, and turned the book in a cheesy story with a predictable end. Still it was enjoyable, and beautiful in Vivian’s parts, which make it a worthy read. 

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