Monday, November 7, 2016

Salem Season 3 Episode 1 After The Fall / Review

The long wait was over, and I must say that it was worthy, or at least the first episode was, still I'm keeping my hopes and expectations low, in case of another "dreadful" disappointment.

After the Fall was dark, and particularly creepy, it was good to see that all of my favorite characters from the previous seasons are back, and some of them richer than others. It was so good to see how those who used to be victims, have a new  powerful vibe and a new mission.
The evil force which I thought it would be a little bit silly was nothing but creppy, to be honest it gives me the chills.
And I'm happy to say that one particular character that was a little bit overacted in the first season, it's performance on this episode was so so so great.
Like I said at the beginning, the wait was worth it, and hope the pace of the season it's the same as this first episode.

But if you have no idea what I'm talking about, Salem is a historical tv show with a supernatural touch, and the third season started last week, which of course makes me so damn happy, because it's dark, it's complex and with a perfect mix of gory and creppy. Here's a little review of the show, and of course in celebration for the premier of season three, I made 3 videos about it, the first one a whole introduction to the series and characters, the second and third one, reviews spoilers free of season one and two.

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