Monday, November 14, 2016

Salem Season 3 Episode 2 The Heart is a Devil / Review

Another Monday has come, and with it my review of the second episode of the third season of Salem, I'm doing them on Monday because that way I can bright my week with something amazing to look forward, since I don't like Mondays very much.

So what can you expect of The Heart is a Devil? well let me tell you that so far so good. With Mary coming back from death, she and Tituba having an exchange of words that made my heart sing a little bit with Mary refering Tituba as Queen of Bitches, and Tituba telling her what she'd done to Mary, I couldn't help but feel very excited for the coming episodes.

Also, we continue seen Mercy enjoying her new position, there was two very expected moments involving two couples, Mary and John finally been least for a night, and Anne and Cotton, but here's where the story gets a little twist, it's pretty obvious that Cotton is not very into Anne any more, and someone from Cotton's past is back!
Ok, that's enough, but I'm going to left you with the image of mother and son reunited, and if you don't mind spoilers, you can check the review that I made. 
Happy Week!

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