Monday, November 21, 2016

Salem Season 3 Episode 3 The Reckoning

As it was expected, this was the kind of episode that I was dying to watch and at the same time I didn't want to watch because I know what was coming for Mary was going to be big, OMG, it was, and to be honest, it was more than what I was expecting. Little John can be a complete bastard and he's terribly evil, so great so far, this kid give me the creeps.

John Alden finally realized that the war outside Salem is more than a simple war, when the dead are rising, and a bullet in the eye can't really kill your enemies. Things are turning interesting in old Salem.
But my favorite part of the episode must be the Reckoning itself, so if you didn't have the chance to watch this episode go for it!, in case you want to get spoilers, check the video below!

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