Thursday, November 10, 2016

Supernatural: John Winchester's Journal / Book Review

If you are a fan of the Supernatural Series, this book is certainly for you. You know the story, you must follow Dean and Sam Winchester during their adventures first trying to find the demon who killed their mom and Sam’s fiancĂ©, and then to survive.
We fell in love with the book on episode one, when the journal of John Winchester is revealed to us. The journal is like no other, full of notes about the monsters and dark creatures he had been hunting since he lost his wife when Sam was only a baby.
So of course I thought it would be an interesting read, until I read it. While the details about the monsters can be quite interesting, they would be more suited in a compendium of creatures. To be completely honest I found myself fast reading those parts because for moments they were quite boring.

The interesting part was the journal itself, the little parts in which we could read John’s thoughts about his life in general, how he became a hunter, how he noticed little things about his kids. I loved to read about Dean and Sam growing up, how from day one they were so different , and how their personalities shows up.

Still, I wouldn’t recommend the book unless you are a hard cord fan of the show, if not, certainly I would say skip it, because for moments there’s a lot of repetitive details when he start talking about the dark creatures. 

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