Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Best Momenst of 2016

There a lot of complaint about 2016, twitter, instagram, basically everywhere. For me 2016 was a good year, a calm one, with ups and downs as usual, but nothing bad for which I'm grateful.
Great artist left this world, which of course was extremely sad, but once more, even when I admired them and loved them, they were not family or friends, they were people which I grew up watching on tv.
So of course I can't say thank goodness 2016 is over, or I hated 2016 or it was a terrible year, because for me it wasn't.
So let me share with you some of the best moments I had during this crazy year. 
January brought a little trip with mom and the little sister, and the signing of an importan paper

February brought Falkor and Maroon 5 Concert

March was the visit of bestie!

Jumping to September with Esther's visit and Mom's birthday celebration

October was the time I ended my Wolf Tribe Tarot Deck (even when it arrived on November)

November was Bolena's month, love her to pieces this crazy niece of mine

Finally December brought the best present ever, The Nutcracker ballet with mommy dearest!

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