Monday, January 2, 2017

My Year Capsule Wardrobe

I guess this is not going to be a surprise for you, I'm a hoarder, I LOVE TO ACCUMULATE THINGS! and it's not that I love shooping or anything, but I feel the deep necessity of have things here and there. For most people, that wouldn't be a problem, for those who have a reduced space, aka small bedrooms, it is.
If you would tell me 6 years ago BF (before floatation) that I would ended up with a capsule wardrobe, I probably would laugh in your face, even more, if you would tell me that my tinny shoe collection would be reduced to a ridiculous amount, I would call you crazy!
there's a necessity to adapt our lifestyle to our new believes
When people say that a person can't change, I certainly can tell that person YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG! People are constantly changing, there's evolution in ourselves, there's a constant need to figure it out who we are, and certainly there's a necessity to adapt our lifestyle to our new believes.

I learned this lesson in the hard way, and also in the good way. I'm constantly changing, guess that's why this is one of my favorite quotes of all times, it's so accurate, so true.

This was the state of my closed before the floatation, and I can tell you honestly, the 60% of the cloths on it, I didn't wear them.

This was my tiny shoe collection, and once more, probably I circulated between two or three pairs and that was it.

After the floatation in which I lost most of my belonging, this was the state of my closet:

Just a few pieces hanging, from 10 hangers top, two pair of tennis shoes, a pair of flip flops, and that was it.

Why am I telling you all this? well the truth is that not long after that picture, my closet was as stuck as the beginning, minus the shoe collection, I found myself not wanting to own as many shoes as before, that was the first sign of the change that was coming my way. 
Two years ago I started to notice that clothes were not my priority anymore, I could dress whatever came my way, only using a few pieces from the ones i already had, especially since five days per week I have to wear a horrible uniform, and most weekends I prefer to stay at home in my pjs watching movies or reading. So that left me thinking, why on earth do I need that amount of clothes? just to have something to fill the gap? Later on I read an amazing post from The Anna Edit, which was Anna's Capsule Wardrobe, and that post changed my life, after that I followed the links she gave and which of course I'm adding right now: 

It was something that I never considered before, a capsule wardrobe according to the season, a challenge, and if you know me, you probably know how much I love challenges even when I totally fail on them, well, not this time.
After so much evaluating pros and cons, and with the major necessity of have more space for my lovely books (my collection grew so much from 2010, to 2014 when I started my bookshelf project to the present day).
The result was like this: I live in a city in which the change of seasons barely is noticed, cheers to the freaking hot that we have during all the year, I mean is January 2nd and we are probably 30ºC, so a major change wasn't require. The cold days -when we have them- are no more than 15ºC nothing that a simple jumper or jacket wouldn't fix.

I separated the clothes that really liked, the ones that I used the most and the new pieces that I got in the last year. I ended up with basically 3 jeans, 2 formal black trousers, 3 trousers for my uniform, 20 tops, 3 knitted tops, 2 blouses, and 2 franel blouses, 5 jumpers and a few pieces of pjs, also on the shoe side, 2 pairs of tennis, 2 pairs of flats, and 2 pair of boots.

Was this change beneficial for me? Certainly it was, living with a capsule wardrobe was the best idea I could have, and adapting it to my own necessities was even better!

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