Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Resolutions 2017

We are in the second half of the month, and believed or not I'm doing pretty well with my resolutions -blog included even when it's not so obvious, but I'm getting there!
I was considering not doing this, but failure is part of growing and learning, so let me take you about 2016 resolutions and show you how miserably failed in most of them.

Bookish ones:
* Goodreads challenge (originally 37 changed to 25): did it! In fact I read 43 books

* Read at least 10 books on physical format: I read at least 19 books and DNF after reading half of it After You.
* Review all the books I read on Goodreads: I can say that I did at least 90% of them, and not only on goodreads but here and on the channel.
* Quote / highlights of the year Jar: done! I will show you in another post next week!
* Book Travel Journal: this was a failure, only keep track of two places!
* What I Read Notebook: 80% of the books were put on this notebook.
* TBR jar challenge: failure, I don't recall which were the challenges but I also don't know where the freaking jar is!

Personal ones:
* Back to health journey
* Document your life 12 months
* 365 challenges
* 52 portraits of my mom
* 3 rolls of film used and developed
* Gratitute journal
* A day in my life monthly
* Pay as many debts as I can and don't get more
* Learn to ride my bike and play the guitar
* Study french with the course that I own.
* An act of kindness monthly
As you can see the personal ones were a complete failure, but I can say with honesty that it was not so bad, I made a document your life, and also did a couple of vlogs and one minute in my life.
Didn't learn to ride my bike, but I never expected to take driving lessons, or get my driver's license, but I did it, and even when I don't feel comfortable still with this driving thing, I can do it!

Reading Ones:
1. Start the year with a re-read
2. Goodreads challenge 25
3. 10 Books on physical format
4. Review all the books on Goodreads
5. Quote/Highlights of the year jar
6. Keep a simple book travel journal
7. Keep a What I read notebook
8. Read at least one book in Spanish
9. The Poirot Files - read at least 10 books
10. Be more critical with my reviews
11. Read at least one saga
12. Read one book from an indie author

Channel/Blog Ones:
13. Reviews of all the books I read during the year
14. Series and movies reviews
15. How I rate books 2017
16. Post every week during the year (52 posts at least, plan my pictures and edit them)
17. Weekly vlogs (52 in total)
18. Try different kind of videos, play with editing
19. No videos on pjs and wased face
20. Leave comments on the videos I like, even a single line of encouragement

Personal Ones:
21. Drink more water (use the cold cup at home)
22. 3 months soda free
23. Be more confident with my driving and try to do it daily, go farther and drive to a different city
24. 12 Pictures with mom
25. Save money
26. Make a new bucket list with things that really matter to me
27. Carry and use the freaking cell phone
28. Be more organized with my classes/blog/channel, use my planner
29. Learn to ride my bike
30. Spend my birthday in a different way (no more boring birthday, do something fun for myself)
31. Don't let Kenji's fur go crazy
32. 100 black and white pictures of my hometown
33. 3 rolls of film took and developed
34. 50 Self Portraits (not selfies)
35. 3 months of instagram challenges
36. 100 days of things that make me happy
37. Calendar a thing that I'm grateful
38. Journaling at least once per week
39. Do something nice for others, little things, especially for mom
40. Give mom the best presents I can afford for mom's day and her birthday.

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