Friday, January 27, 2017

Sherlock DIY - A Study In Bleach

After the last episode of Sherlock, this sunday was for me an empty one, it didn't matter that I started another marathon of the show, I felt a hole in my chest because that ending, oh my goodness, that ending was epic!
So instead of feel lost and sad, it came to my mind the idea of do something to keep Sherlock a little longer, the result was a pair of DIYs that I'm going to share with you. Today the first one that I did and next week probably the second one if I finish it on time.
Hope you enjoy them.

A few tips are important, working with bleach can be a little bit tricky so;
1. Do it outside, in your backyard or in a room with large windows
2. If you choose brushes, try to by good quality or the brush can disintegrate with the bleach
3. I highly suggest you the use of markers, if you choose this one, you can use different size of markers, just remove the interior, put them under the faucet until turns completely white, squeeze the water and put one point to absorbe some bleack, put everything back and just write as normal with it or draw, the design appear like magic!
4. Always use a carbord in the middle of the to sides of the t-shirt or the bleach can mark the other side
5. If you want your design more white, you have to give extra hands on it until it is the color you want,
6. Remember that bleach is not perfect, is not like to are printing high quality, but the result is interesting and fun!

Last but not least, you can leave the t-shirt as it is or make some transformations with it, so it's up to you!

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