Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Poirot Files

Case No.  1 Discovering Poirot
A few years ago, a teenager called Dulce (yes I'm talking about me), skip school for a terrible cold, and spend most of the day in her parents bed watching tv, that was the moment of her discovery of Poirot. Changing channels she came across her  favorite artsy channel, Films and Arts, where she usually watched opera or ballet, or weird movies (old ones) which she loved. During that sunny morning she saw a crime movie, or at least that's what she thought about a little detective, proud and elegant, who at the beginning she thought was french -later on time she would discover that he was belgian, not french-. The problem was that since it was during morning, she didn't have the chance to see more episodes of this amazing detective, and forgot about it. Moved on, had another cable company, and other one, and other one, and during those years, Films and Arts were out of her life.

Case No. 2 Rediscovering Poirot.
Back in November 2016, the now adult Dulce discovered that her cable company recently added Films and Arts channel to her regular channels, and once more she felt in love with the channel. One happy Sunday ninght, her mother by chance turn to that channel and said "hey, this movie looks interesting". To Dulce's surprise, it wasn't a movie, it was the old belgian detective, who she immediately remembered, she started talking about the episode she once saw, and that was it, the next weeks, she waited patiently for Monday to come and see "The Best of Poirot" as the channel called the program. Sadly on the first week of December, she saw Curtains, the last episode and case of Poirto. The realization that there were no more episode brought sadness to her life, she was in such dispair that a decision was made...

Case No. 3 The Poirot Files
After a quich search, she found the Agatha Christie's website, and saw how many books about Poirot really were, the number was shocking! I mean more than 40 books! Would she really compromise on reading all of them?, Well the purchase of the first books  of the list suggested by the website on kindle version was a certain yes,
Since December our heroin started what now she named The Poirot Files, a project in which she's planning to read all the Poirot books -or die in the intend- and also see the tv series.
Four books later she decided to start watching the series to compare, but the series brough a new challenge. The first seasons were bases in the short stories, which was aproble in itself since she's currengly reading the 5 book suggested "Poirot Early Cases" which content are precisely the episodes of season 1.
After a few minutes she came to the conclusion, not to watch the tv series by seasons but by episodes, following the books and short stories that she already read.

So we have book reviews and tv series reviews, but we go a little further. There's a lot of comparitions and comments on the interweb, just search Poirot vs Sherlock, because obviously people do that, being Sherlock the most beloved Detective of all.
Just based on the movies of Sherlock with Robert Downy Jr. and the Poirot episodes already watched, the differeces between Poirot and Sherlock are pretty obvious, while both are extremely clever, the personalities of both couldn't be more different.
So I'm not taking the word of others for granted, the Sherlock books would be part of the project of course, and the series of Sherlock which thankfully is now on netflix would be part of the study case.

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