Friday, February 3, 2017

Dear January

Dear January
As usual you bring with you the best and the worst. The best because it means a new beginning, the opportunity to reflect on all the things that I accomplish the previous year, to reevaluate my life as it is, see in what thing I failed, which ones were not important for me anymore and embrace change.
The worst because since I can’t control what surrounds me, the uncertainty of this chaotic world hits hard and the not knowing what is going to happen, how you can help is at times overwhelming and sad.

Resolutions made, the time to start working on them was burning on me. I wanted to make so many things at the same time that once more I had to stop for a moment and remind myself that I didn’t have to accomplish everything that I set of myself since the first month. I have 11 more months to go.
I tried an instagram challenge and stopped because the promps were not of my like, some of them were kind of repetitive. That reminded me why I stopped to use them in the first place. My plan now is to make the 100 happy days, which would be like doing three months of instagram challenges or maybe after the 100 days just post three months daily, I’m still not so sure, but I’m not going to mortify myself with it.

One of the challenges that I set and that I’ve been working on it punctually was a weekly vlog. I attempted the document your life challenge but didn’t work for me. Still for some reason I’ve been enjoying the weekly vlog, even when my life is not that excited, even when there are days that I just think that my days are not enough, but then I wonder enough for whom? I wanted to document things that in some level were important for me, no matter how simple or boring, and that’s precisely what I’ve been doing. Life is not perfect, thanks for reminding me that.  

All in all you have happy moments, joy, worry and lots of love. Thank you January, I will see you in a year!

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