Saturday, February 25, 2017

Happy Anniversary Falkor

Last Saturday (February 18th), was Falkor’s first anniversary. If you are wondering who on earth is Falkor, well, let me introduce it to you:
I’m pretty sure that I didn’t share this in its moment, probably I only mentioned how excited I was, but that was it.

A year had passed, and it’s only fair that I talk more about it, especially since it’s been a challenge, a complete challenge to me.
In 2015 my mom decided to finally get her retirement, and came to her mind that she was going to invest a part of that money in a car. She didn’t want an old car because old cars are and endless well, you put and put and put on it and it’s never filled. So a new car was in her plan.
My mom is the kind of person who spends lots of money in silly things –currently working on a supermarket, she comes almost daily with a little offer that she found, things like cookies because they were super cheap, when she doesn’t even eat cookies, you get the idea-, but when it comes to bigger investments, she usually doesn’t go for it.
So back in December 2015, we get some car prices from different agencies, and she said maybe, maybe, maybe, until I got so angry that I told her “I don’t know why I bother going here and there when I know that you are not going to buy anything, so stop wasting my time, enough with this car talk”. To this point my patience had run out, and it was not that I was disappointed, more the fact that I was tired of going from one agency to another, to print different plans and wasting paper and ink for something that she was not going to buy.
The rest of December was she trying to talk about a car, me ignoring her or changing the subject in a pretty obvious way.
January came, and by that time, she was disappointed because the costs of the cars of course increased as expected, and the money she saved for the first payment was not enough. I saw how upset she was about it but didn’t say a thing. One day I was running some errands down town, and decided to stop on the Volkswagen agency (which I knew it was out of her possibilities), and on the Chevrolet agency (which she didn’t considered since the model she wanted –the matiz- was out of the market).

As expected, the first was out of question, but the second one was totally different. First the person who attended me, a super nice lady called Gladys, who listened to me and immediately recommended not the expensive type or the one which would give her the bigger commission, but the one that she had, which was the cheaper option, and the one which was perfect for my mom’s possibilities.
I went home very pleased to find a mom very, very distressed because that day another agency gave her prices that were out of question. So she got a surprise from my part, and immediately liked the idea. That week we went to talk to Gladys and my mom was excited.
For a bank situation, I was not able to sing the paperwork and my little sister was the one who has to do it. So here’s the predicament that I feel with the car. My mom is the one who is paying for it with her retirement money. My little sister made the paperwork so it’s on her name. And what about me? Well, I’m not part of the equation, except for the fact that I was the one who had to take driving lessons to learn how to drive it since it’s manual, and the little sister and mom only drive automatic.
Mom says that the car is ours, but as you may see, the car it’s hers not mine, and basically that’s part of the struggle.
I’m the kind of person that when I invest in something, call it a new gadget or so, I took a little time to get used to the idea of it. A whole month passed before I was ready to take off my computer from the box and used it for the first time.
Imagine now how I felt with a brand new car. I made excuse after excuse, lost confidence and so one.
A year has passed, and I’m still not using the car pretty much, if I tell you how many kilometers the car has you probably would laugh (    )
I’m struggling because my mom’s sight is poor and is getting worst every year, so, the little sister and I don’t want her to drive, that’s one of the reasons why she sold her old car on the first place.
A year Falkor has been with us, a year in which I expected to share lots of adventures with it, but didn’t happen, of course the first drive and the blessings were adventures per se, but just the day of its anniversary I decided to took it to some errands close the house, and I made a promise to our sweet spark.
This year is going to be my driving year, I’m going to be more confidence with it, and I’m going to take it to new adventures, longer distances, and feel more comfortable with it.

Happy anniversary Falkor, we love you, and cheers for all the adventures to come!

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