Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Essex Serpent - Book Review

One of the reasons why I try to avoid hype books is because when I saw one of my favorite booktubers talk about it, I want to like the books so badly! There's a reason why they are my favorite booktubers, I share their opinions in some aspects, I respect their point of view, I found their reviews or book talks in general interesting.
So when I heard about The Essex Serpent and how beautiful it was, even more, what a master piece it was since it was so well wrote, very articulate, magical, and so on, I thougt damn, I need to read this book ASAP.

So finally I did it, and Oh my, what a disappointment! If you are one of those who loved this book, sorry to say that this review is not for you. As usual I must be honest with myself and with you, so here's why I didn't like The Essex Serpent.

What the book is about?
If you didn't read the Goodreads description, good for you! Because their descriptions can be a little misleading.
Let us say that Cora was a young widower, who loved nature and has aspirations of become a naturalist, and discover something fantastic that could reserve her place in history, books and even a space in the natural museum.
She had a son, Francis, who's peculiarities set him aside from Cora, even made her a little bit afraid of him.
Together they move to Essex county, where soon Cora heard the story of The Essex Serpent, a mytological creature of the area which aparently reapeared to create chaos and bring punishment to sinners and believers.
Cora of course thinks that if the rumor is true, probably is nothing more than an undiscovered species, and goes immediately to the little village to investigate.
That's when she met Will, the vicar of the place. He doesn't believe in the rumors, he thinks they are unfounded and that people are making a show of it. They are affraid because they are true believers.
Will of course is happily married to a beautiful woman who has more looks that brain, or at least that's the popular opinion of her in the town and they had 3 kids, one of them, the older one, a kind of judgemental girl!
As it is expected, Cora and Will, whom couldn't be more different found themselve sharing so many ideas and thoughts, and of course they are attracted to each other, even when Cora dresses like a man, and didn't take care of her hair because she refuses to please society.
And the rest you can already imagine

My problem with this book:
I'm not going to deny that the book was well written, and like I said if you don't read the description on Goodreads you can go for it if you are interesting, because something that goodreads made was the promise of a romance like no other, but they never mentioned that Will was married so  of course that was one of the problems that I had with the book. It was a simple story about infidelity!
That's right, INDIFELITY.
What's even more, I dislike Cora in so many levels, that for being the main character I wanted to stop reading about her. Will on the other hand was compiting with her to the place of most disliked character.
If that's not enough, how cruel and manipulative the characters are seriously annoyed me!

Something positive that I can say about this book was Francis. It's pretty obvious since the mention of Francis that there was something different about him, I would go farther to say that even a certain level of autism was involved in him. But his peculiarities, his ideas and his curiosity made him by far my favorite character, and the reason why I decided to finish the book and gave it 1 star of rating.
He and Stella - Will's wife- were by far two characters that I'm going to remember and cherish.

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