Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Poirot Files Books 3-5 short stories

In this installment of The Poirot’s Files, we explore the short stories, starting with Christmas Adventure, which was for the first time available as an individual story and not part of any collection.
Poirot is spending Christmas in the manor of an old friend, children playing an goofing around, a young woman with a sad situation, a young man in love, and a jewel robbery would make this little story a very catchy one.
This is the first adventure in which Hastings is absent, and I must confess that I kind of missed him.

On Poirot Investigates Hastings is back, as annoying in some parts as usual, but to be honest his silliness made some parts funny and enjoyable. The stories included in this book are;
The Adventure of "The Western Star"
The Tragedy at Marsdon Manor
The Adventure of the Cheap Flat
The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge
The Million Dollar Bond Robbery
The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb
The Jewel Robbery at the Grand Metropolitan
The Kidnapped Prime Minister
The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim
The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman
The Case of the Missing Will
The Veiled Lady
The Lost Mine
The Chocolate Box

 On Poirot’s Early Cases once more we notice the absence of Hastings in a few stories which kind of bother me. The fact that there’s no logical sequence, or an idea of why Hastings left, would put me down since there's no order and for a character who loves order and method, his short stories and books don’t have them. I’m still glad of the list from the website and the fact that it’s based on publication dates, even when there are some details that doesn't make any sense.
The stories included on this book are:

The Affair at the Victory Ball
The Adventure of the Clapham Cook
The Cornish Mystery
The adventure of Johnnie Waverly
The Double Clue
The King of Clubs
The Lemesurier Inheritance
The Lost Mine
The Plymouth Express
The Chocolate Box
The Submarine Plans
The Third-Floor Flat
Double Sin
The Market Basing Mystery
Wasp's Nest
The Veiled Lady
Problem at Sea
How Does Your Garden Grow

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