Wednesday, February 8, 2017

What's in my Bag - Work Edition

I'm not going to deny it, I'm very curious about what people carry in their daily handbags, and probably you are too! It's in this kind of posts and videos that you discover new products, things that you didn't know you needed them until you saw them on someone else's bag.
Well, to be completely, absolutely love it, I used to hate handbags, at high school I was so cynic that I used to take a super small backpack with one notebook, a pen and took all my notes there.
Then the beautiful magical cargo pants happened, and the pockets, oh dear lord, the pockets were the best, I put so many things on them that every time I needed to use the loo just pasing unlashing my belt and my pants were directly to the floor because they were so heavy with all the trinckets I used to put on them.
Nowadays I use two simple, small handbags, both from forever 21, and both in which I only can carry a lipstick, a mirror, my ipod and headphones, keys and now my new wallet because the previous one was out of the question.
But for work, I need something bigger, I need to carry with me so many things that probably I don't use during a bunch of hours, but the time I spend on the bus or death time as I call it when I finished my tasks at work and I can sit and relax a little bit, that's when my extra weight on my bag come necessary.
I have a Rosetti handbag which is pretty useful, and has lots of pockets which for me comes very handy!

So here's the content of my bag!

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