Sunday, March 12, 2017

Coming Soon...

The other day I woke up with a new, reinforced inspiration, I was not sure how capable I was going to be capable to transform this idea in a reality, but I felt like it was possible. After a disappoinment from the bestie, who was probably in not his best mood -he usually is very supportive with my crazy ideas, and it was not like "don't do it", I was thinking maybe it could be a project in which both could work together, but he was more into "do it" but don't count me in.
I mentioned my idea to my other bestie and my little sister, and I couldn't express how grateful I am for their support. Both told me that it was great idea, that I should go for it, and that they supported me 100%.

What I love about them is that they are more practical and objective with my crazy ideas, they started asking questions such as "about what you are going to do it" or "what format", and when I came out with name ideas, they gave their point of view and together we came with it. They actually went further to say that they are willing to participate from time to time, which makes me so freaking happy about it! yes, my girls are gold, pure gold!
I would lie if I don't mention that the idea has been for a while, that I tried in the past and then forgot about it, but there's something different this time, because I feel inspired, I feel like there's so much to share, and excited, so excited for it.
So coming soon...

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