Friday, March 3, 2017

Dear February

Dear February
You’ve always been one of my favorite months, you are so weird and unique, the only one short and the only one with the most ridiculous and most beautiful celebration on it. Yes, I’m talking about Valentine’s day, the pink day as I call it. I wrote about the reasons why I love the day, and how it doesn’t matter to be single or in a relationship to enjoy it.

Also I celebrated the first anniversary of Falkor, which has been my biggest challenge.
Still, not everything was hearts and love, I had a few rough days, well, basically when we were approaching to your end, because I’m selfish, but I think I was right, I deserved to enjoy the two days that I had free, to be at home, alone and enjoy myself without justifying myself to anyone.
Still I got a reminder of being kinder through Lenna’s video, with you ending, a new period start and I need to be kinder, to be the better me.

Thank you for the experiences, for the good and also for the bad moments, for the joy, the happiness and the love.
P.S. Cant we just take a moment to appreciate how dramatic and silly this boy of mine is?, He won the Oscar to the best friend and of course the loveliest dog ever!

And since we are saying not goodbye February, I will see you next year, but before I leave you with some of my favorite moments on video format!.

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