Monday, March 6, 2017

Sherlock DIY Part 2 The Sign of Two

It's so true, if you don't catch the spark when the inspiration comes, you can loss the train. For the last few weeks I'm not been feeling in the mood to finish my Sherlock DIY. Work, life, you name it, but finally during the free days that I had at the end of February, and after a rewatch of one of Sherlock's episodes, the inspiration hit me hard again, and I loved it! Hope you enjoy these simple but I think interesting DIY Sherlock inspired.

Calendar of Sherlock

The Case-book of Sherlock
The Sign of Two

a design of your like 
two brushes, one small for the details and the other one bigger for cover more space quickly
a sharpie
scissor and cutter
a piece of wood (the one used was from the christmas tree)
a wooden box 
a piece of wood 
a metal hanger
white and black paint (I used acrylics)
for the Calendar:
sturdy paper
the design of your like
quotes from Sherlock

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