Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Good People - Book Review

There are books that affect you in some level, that stick with you for times to come. Hannah Kent’s debut novel, Burial Rites, was one of them.
So of course when I knew that she released a new book, I marked it as a must read. I’m grateful to the warning that Simon from SavidgeReads placed on his video, because he talked about the subject without giving much away, still, it prepared me in some level for the story.
But the warning was short comparing to the reality and the whirlpool of emotions this book produced on my.

I can’t deny how talented is Hannah Kent, her writing is involving, is catching, it resonates in your mind and even when you want to quit at certain moments because the situation is so heartbreaking, you find yourself unable to do that, you keep going for good or for bad until the very end.

The Good People follows the story of three women, Nora Leary a recent widow who not only lost her husband at the beginning of the book, she also lost her only daughter the previous months and was left with the burden of take care of Michael, her grandson who can’t move or speak and whose constant cries brought misfortune, frustration and shame to the widow. In her new situation, she decided to hire Mary, a young girl, who was in the marked trying to find a job for the next coming years and that way help her family and bring a little release to her parents by earning a few cents.
When Mary met the widow, she was in her a kind woman, she was willing to hard work, and was ready to probe herself useful. Little Mary knew about the real situation of Michael and the struggles and challenges she would face.
And last we have Nance, the old woman of the forest, she’s the one who is called when there’s problem for childbirth, the one of the knowledge, the one gifted by Them, the good people or commonly known as the fairies.
The people is whispering, misfortune is hitting them hard, the milk is less, the eggs are less, and is believed that one is to blame for it.

Setting in Ireland, I found myself fascinated by the folklore, the old ways, the believes of the people, superstition and costumes.
At the beginning of the book when they were mourning the dead man, I was so intrigue by the way the women expressed the sadness and the lost.
Each chapter was named after a plant, and I really loved to see a little illustration of the plant, and during the chapter, learn the use of the plant, or at least how was used by Nance.

The main reason why I gave this book 3 stars is because I have major issues with the subject, with certain events that happened on the book that unfuriated me, talking about them is gave too much away, and certainly this book should be a must read if you are interested in historical fiction and love the style of Hannah Kent, but I won't recommended it without warning you, it's harsh, a case of child abuse is present. If you are still curious and don't mind spoilers check my book talk:

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