Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Dear March and mad about hackers

Before I start my letter to March, I want to address a situation that happened a few weeks ago. It was Sunday when I got a DM on twitter from someone a person that I follow but never, ever send him a DM, he was telling me that I've been hacked, so I checked and there were a DM to every single one of the people I follow promoting I can't recall correctly since I was extremely mad, I think there were sunglasses or something of the like.
Obviously I had to change passwords and I was disappointed since it's not like I have a great reputation or anything of the like, I have a clean image, I don't botter others, I do my things and share with you what I love and enjoy, a simple life, and it's not like I have hundreds of thousands of followers either. I was so mad because someone invaded my little corner of the interwebs and used my account for a stupid promotion, and used my name to do this. 
I'm not going to lie, probably I would delete all my accounts, maybe not, I'm still struggling with this. It's not fair that someone do this to you, to anyone for that matters. I love my blog, I love my twitter account, and instagram, I love social media, and I keep thinking about the fact, why should I quit to something that I love just for someone who doesn't have ethic or respect for someone's life?
So today I wanted to share this with you. I'm mad, and I feel violated, and I feel that an unjustice happened to me, and it can happen to you, so guess my point is to be more careful with your social media, change constantly your passwords and be safe.

Dear March
I’ve always have a bittersweet relationship with you, for one side I love how temperamental you are, we never know what to expect from you. Are you going to be hot, are you going to have cold days, crazy winds, maybe some rain? You are as unpredictable as that.
I celebrate the birthday of my best friend, who as a funny fact was born an exactly one week before I did, and as he pointed out one day, "I was born in a winter Thursday, you were born in a spring Thursday". And we are exactly like that, while he’s a calm force, I’m impulsive, reckless, always in a dance of ideas and laugh and funny remarks or screaming, I mean singing with all my heart. While he brings tranquility, I’m the one who puts everything upside down.
March you are also my birth month, and when I’m not the kind of person who gets sad for aging another year, or feel the blues for not accomplish what I hoped that by certain age I should be doing, well, I accept things as they are, I enjoy the time that I had, and most importantly I’m grateful for my blessings, because even when I didn’t accomplish all my goals, probably I set my path in a different way, probably I focused on another idea that caught my attention, and maybe I finished other project that came totally out of the blue.

My not so love for you is precisely the change of seasons, while I’m grateful for the beautiful flowers you bring, that’s also a reminder that the fresh days are coming to an end, that the heating is going to be so damn great as opening the hell’s doors, and that once more, summer and its rains it’s approaching, which is the beginning of my fears and constant check on the river levels.
My plans for you march couldn’t be more different from what I hopped at the beginning of the year, still, I had lots of fun, and good experiences, I had not the best birthday since I had to work, but it was the best on the sense that people made me feel so loved and appreciated, the hugs were the best, because they were sincere.

You took someone related in some way with my life, and his parting was an important lesson. It was a sad and at the same time beautiful experience. And since it was a day after my birthday, it was a good reminder of my own mortality. I learned that what matters here is the people you left behind. He worked on a school and fought for that school when as usual some people were using their position to enrich themselves at expenses of others. Sad that he left the way he did, but beautiful to see all his students assisting to the funeral, crying for him, and now protesting for a change.
March thank you for the reminders, and now at your end you bring another reminder to take care of my body, now that I feel a little pain, and I’m worry, I compromise myself with a new challenge, with a new project that is for my total benefit, and it was all thanks to you my dear.

Can’t wait to see what new experiences you bring on 2018. Until then, chill out and relax!

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